Vitality Hotel Punta - Dionaea

Vitality Hotel Punta

Sculptural blue fish "swim" on the roof of the hotel on the Lošinj cape.

Vitality Hotel Punta

Hotel Punta is located on the protruding Lošinj point, behind which hides the town of Veli Lošinj. The indented layout of the hotel has formed three enclosed atrium gardens, which are an integral part of the hotel amenities and a visual part of the rooms on the lower floors.

The first atrium garden of the hotel reception is an outdoor living area, protected from the wind, surrounded by citrus trees and dense plant beds of Mediterranean plants. The atrium gardens are designed as wavy surfaces of Mediterranean plants, bordered by strips of crushed stone. The second atrium garden is like an art painting being seen from the restaurant. The third atrium garden is a parterre dance of waves of plants and gravel.

  • Investor

    Jadranka hoteli d.d.

  • Location

    Veli Lošinj, Lošinj Island, Croatia

  • Project duration

    II 2015. – V 2015.

  • Coverage

    4.300 m²

  • Info

    Projekt i izvedba okoliša hotela ukupne zelene površine 4.300 m², od toga se ekstenzivni krovni vrtovi hotela prostiru na površini od 1.000 m².

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    Vitality Hotel Punta

The greenery taken away by the construction was substituted with roof gardens of different landscape designs. On the roof above the reception area, fish are bouncing on the green-crested waves of a silver sea. The fish are 4 meters long, with their length adapted to be viewed from the hotel. The stainless steel and plexiglass installation places the actual silhouette of the fish about 30 cm above the surface of the gravel sea, intersected by waves of Sedums.

Another roof garden stands out, woven from regular beds of succulents in white gravel, forming a “coded record”. The choice of indigenous, resistant species is conditioned by the northern orientation of the hotel gardens and location, which is extremely challenging for the selection of plant species due to the influence of the icy bora wind and sea salt spray in winter.

Next to the main entrance of the kitchen is a vegetable garden from which freshly picked herbs arrive to the table daily.

Hotel Punta Before/After

Hotel Punta Before/After

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