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Vile Lošinj

In the protected Čikat forest there are many Austro-Hungarian villas that have changed owners over time, and their appearance and gardens have been restored with regard toward their culture, heritage and location.

Vile Lošinj

On the very examples of Lošinj villas, one can study man’s desire for beauty. Each of them hides many secrets, changes owners, but still they remain, restoring their walls and their gardens…

The preservation of the existing vegetation presented the biggest challenge, which resulted in keeping some of the old trees, palms and succulents in their original place and relocating others to more suited locations within the gardens. Caring for such trees in a new position requires a lot of expertise and skill. Also, new trees had to be carefully selected in order for them to fit in easily and provide the necessary sense of privacy.

The old cityscapes of Lošinj, especially Čikat, show some of the villas in a much more expressive form, because at the time of planting, the new Aleppo pines and palm trees were young and provided open views towards the new luxurious buildings. But with time, the growing vegetation gave them complete privacy.

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