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Vila Rijeka

House on a rock above the sea. The position which is almost unimaginable for the house itself has become a warm home under a green oasis of the roof garden.

Vila Rijeka

The house above the sea, which the family can enter either “from the sea” or from the roof, on a terrain almost impossible to build, in harmony of the architectural dream and the minimalistic intervention of the landscape architects, merged with the terrain in a special way.

There is no classic garden here. The view of the “garden” from the bedroom window is a view of the sea, but still, this rock-house has its own green oasis located on the roof of the house, in conjunction with the narrow natural terrain.

  • Investor


  • Location

    Rijeka, Croatia

  • Project duration

    XII 2006. – III 2007.

  • Coverage

    820 m²

  • Info

    Roof garden design project

The gravel cover of the flat roof is enriched by lavender islands, which form a counterpoint to the view of the islands in the distance. Clear shapes, minimalist design of the water element, teak deck and glass prism of the entrance complete the garden as a whole, which combines the function of the main entrance to the house, a place for contemplation and enjoyment of the views of the blue sea and nearby islands.

The edge of the roof, originally lined with heavy concrete planters, is enriched with a dense growing climbing jasmine, with an intoxicating scent and delicate flower. The overgrown planters thus completely disappear from view in the texture of the greenery, and the green edge of the terrace becomes a delicate frame of the ever-changing image of the sea.

The minimalist choice of plants in this location is conditioned by the proximity to the sea, salinity and exposure to wind.

Vila Rijeka Before/After

Vila Rijeka Before/After

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