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Vila Pi

In a magical garden the size of a park, in the heart of Slavonia, four basic elements of life are embodied: earth, water, fire and air.

Vila Pi

On a rectangular, private property, covering an area of ​​4.5 ha, near Osijek, a superb architectural and landscape project has arisen.

By designing various points of interest and separating them with hills, the landscape design divides the space into promenades, contemplative areas for resting in the shade or in the sun with water elements, while offering views that surprise in the form of a “bed of evergreen flowers”, or a maze tangled among willow trees in high decorative grasses.

The water elements of the park are not only diverse, but represent a value in themselves, whether it is a fountain in an elliptical outdoor living area or a bio-swimming lake that mirrors the residence in its immediate vicinity. Bio-water filters, hidden by coastal plants, are in the function of purifying the swimming area of the lake. The water protection zone conditioned the construction of the lake without chemical treatment.

  • Investor


  • Location

    Osijek, Croatia

  • Project duration

    IX 2013. – VI 2014.

  • Coverage

    40.000 m²

  • Info

    Landscape design and construction.

Special attention was given to the harmony between the landscape design and the architectural solution of the building, the existing plant material, the diverse interests of the users and the cost effectiveness of the solution.

Parts of the flat roofs of the building, a total of 4 segments, were constructed as extensive roof gardens.

Given the environmental awareness of the users, a bug hotel structure was added to the existing bio-vegetable garden.

Vila Pi Before/After

Vila Pi Before/After

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