Žito Administration Building - Dionaea

Žito Administration Building

A garden inside the office building for a pleasant experience for employees and visitors.

Upravna zgrada Žito

We spend the largest and best part of the work week in a business environment. The need to design business spaces does not exist, as one might think at first glance, because of the visitors, but mostly because of those who spend the most time in those spaces.

The existing green atrium garden has been given a new design with more colour, light and freshness. In addition to a complete redesign, by choosing bright and attractive plants, complemented by water and light elements, the atrium garden seems to have grown and increased its volume.

  • Investor

    Žito d.o.o.

  • Location

    Osijek, Croatia

  • Project duration

    VIII 2013.

  • Coverage

    82 m²

  • Info

    Landscape design and construction of an atrial area.

  • Web

    Žito grupa

The theme of golden waves of grain is reflected in the yellow, winding promenade that, passing through the green waves of smaller and taller plants, stops in the middle of the atrium, where it opens into a sitting area designed for a short break.

The existing water element has been preserved, and three Ficus trees 5 m tall emphasise the third dimension of this garden.

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