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One&Only Gorilla’s Nest

At the foot of the Virunga volcanic mountain range, wrapped in a fragrant eucalyptus forest, luxurious accommodation for rare gorilla observers can be discovered.

One&Only Gorilla’s Nest

The One&Only Gorilla’s Nest area is located on the slopes of Virunga Volcano in Kinigi, Rwanda. The area is irregular in shape, covers ​​slightly more than 500,000 m2 and its previous purpose as a golf course has left its mark in the local green glades and young eucalyptus forests.

The area, being located so close to the Equator, is characterized by a pleasant tropical-mountainous climate that conditions the diversity and richness of vegetation. In order to get acquainted with the requirements and spirit of the place, the so-called genius loci, we travelled to explore the site itself, and its wider area.

  • Investor

    Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD)

  • Location

    Kinigi, Ruanda, Africa

  • Project duration

    2016. - 2018.

  • Coverage

    500.000 m² (50 hactares!)

  • Info

    Conceptual and detailed landscape architecture project of the resort.

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The project task included several zones for landscape design. At the entrance zone, it was necessary to design a representative entrance roundabout with a water element and the so-called boma. Regarding the previously mentioned genius loci, or the peculiarities of the area and the spirit of a particular place, the boma is a circular form where manifestations dedicated to gorillas took place.

In the young eucalyptus forest, we designed an adventure park at different height levels, which is suspended on tall eucalyptus trees. The main restaurant is located on a clearing with views of parts of the resort, surrounded by a flower garden and a herb and vegetable garden.

In addition to different types of villas, there is also a swimming pool and spa area, where, in addition to designing the outer zone, we also designed the inner atrium garden of the spa zone. Finally, the “tropical” idea of ​​the atrium garden came to life in all of its authenticity.

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