Lafodia Sea Resort - Dionaea

Lafodia Sea Resort

Lopud Island provides privacy and relaxation, and its exclusivity and luxury are provided by the Lafodia Sea Resort carved into the rock with green terraces that descend toward the sea.

The Lafodia Hotel on the island of Lopud in the Dubrovnik aquatorium already has a touch of glamour based on its location. Dominant palm trees, a legacy of the previous landscape design, were complemented by new plant material, on a demanding, cascading terrain.

The Lafodia Hotel was an interesting and challenging project, especially given the conditions of the location, exposure to the atmospheric conditions and the exposure of the terrain, and especially because of the preservation efforts of the existing plant inventory which is dominated by the Chamaerops and Washingtonia palm trees by the front entrance of the hotel. Areas included in the design cover 2,900 m2 and about 11,000 plants have been planted throughout.

  • Investor

    Anker grupa d.d.

  • Location

    Lopud Island, Croatia

  • Project duration

    I 2011. – VII 2011.

  • Coverage

    2.900 m²

  • Info

    Landscape design and construction of the hotel surroundings.

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Proposed high quality plant species, have been carefully selected to create a unique Mediterranean atmosphere and to fit into the existing landscape of the island in order to achieve representativeness and exclusivity of the hotel complex.

The areas that are formed inside and in-between the stair treads and plateaus provide surfaces within which an abundance of colours and scents has been achieved through the dance of volumes and colours.

Because of complicated accessibility for large machines, the construction of the garden areas was largely done by hand. Due to insufficient maneuvering space, planting 6 specimens of Phoenix palms was particularly demanding, each of which was more than 5 meters tall and weighed about 2 tons!

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