Pliva Research Institute - Dionaea

Pliva Research Institute

A game of waves and green walls to soften a strict business facility.

Pliva Research Institute

Landscaping solutions of an office building are often conditioned by its purpose, access and maintenance possibilities. In addition to meeting utilitarian needs, we strive to assign each project with a specific mark and character.

The relief of the waves of a neatly maintained lawn and rows of Pachysandra groundcovers seem like an effect produced by a pebble thrown into the water, and it responds by rippling the surface, in regular circular waves.

  • Investor

    Pliva d.d.

  • Location

    Zagreb, Croatia

  • Trajanje


  • Coverage

    1.570 m²

  • Info

    Landscape arhitecture project and construction.

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The promenade and the park paved with stone cubes in dark and light colours, delicately continue the series of waves. Two paved circles and, in the centre of the larger one, a green island with a sign of a radioactive element, are a symbol for the elements used in the chemical profession. Benches around the island, in the shade of the five-leaved Parthenocissus, invite passers-by to relax, or perhaps have a constructive conversation in a green setting…

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