Grand Park Hotel Rovinj - Dionaea

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Impressive hotel as a green grandstand surrounded by a pine forest overlooking Rovinj.

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

In charge of the conceptual, main and detailed landscape architecture design of the hotel and the zone next to the hotel, covering an area of ​​15,000 m2, we have contributed to the new view of the coast of Rovinj. With its significant volume, the building is terraced and ”built” into the terrain.

Flat roofs covering an area of ​​more than 20,000 m2 have been converted into semi-intensive and intensive roof gardens. As the goal was to preserve the views from the hotel for the guest sitting on the terrace, next to the green roof, but also to reminisce about characteristic landscapes of Istria, we envisioned a dominant plant base of combinations of Mediterranean perennials which meet and connect into groups of smaller Istrian macchia shrubs. The edges of the roofs are partly greened with creeping rosemary that falls over the edge and further visually camouflages the building.

  • Investor

    Maistra d.d.

  • Location

    Rovinj, Istra, Croatia

  • Project duration

    2016. - 2018.

  • Coverage

    20.000 m²

  • Info

    Conceptual, main and detailed landscape architecture project of the hotel and surroundings.

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    Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Selected species for the roof gardens, with their heterogeneity offer an interesting olfactory and visual experience of the roofs throughout the year, and their colour and habitus contribute to the integration of the newly planned building into the urban landscape of the Rovinj aquatorium. A special challenge was the design of the outdoor wellness area. In collaboration with the main designers – Studio 3LHD, we have developed three types of metal elements that have the role of protecting the “back” of the guest, directing through different levels of the wellness area, and as structures for climbing plants.

Special importance was given to the existing pine trees on the first floor of the hotel, which gave many people a headache in the design and construction process. They represent an exceptional landscape ambient value; with their grandiose habitus they become the landmark of the hotel and visually unite it with the forest that surrounds it.

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