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Expo 2000

At the EXPO 2000 World Exhibition in Hannover, visitors of the Croatian pavilion 'levitated' over Croatian soil, sea rocks, lavender, forests and vineyards…

Croatian pavilion Expo 2000

Croatia in the palm of your hand was presented at the EXPO World Exhibition in Hannover, in 2000, with symbols of the landscape presented through a contemporary expression, on an area of ​​only 550 m2, under a glass membrane suspended only 25 cm above the ground.

Our company was part of the team which constructed the Croatian pavilion. We produced and implemented the exhibition “Croatian Land”, placing it under a glass floor on which visitors walked.

  • Investor

    Republic of Croatia

  • Location

    Hannover, Germany

  • Project duration


  • Coverage

    550 m²

  • Info

    Production and execution of the ‘Croatian Land' exhibition

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    Expo 2000

On an area of ​​only 550 m2, in the interior of the pavilion, the richness and diversity of Croatian land had to be evoked for the visitors, while carefully preserving the authenticity and harmony of the installation. The technical limitations were very demanding at the beginning of the construction – how to show a blossoming lavender field, a vineyard or a forest and ultimately a rocky sea shore at an available height of only 25 centimeters below the glass floor?

An additional challenge was the use of plant material and soil, which had to be specially cultivated and prepared in order to maintain an unchanged appearance for the duration of the exhibition.

For all individual segments of the “soil”, however, a solution was found to present them as accurately as possible and, as far as possible, natural materials were used.

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