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Boutique Hotel Alhambra and Villa Augusta

Lošinj hotel immersed in lush greenery.

Boutique Hotel Alhambra and Villa Augusta

The design of the gardens of the Boutique Hotel Alhambra and Villa Augusta is based on the rich historical heritage of the century-old garden and the desire for a new, contemporary and luxurious expression required by a highest category hotel.

During the design and construction of the gardens, high-quality vegetation, such as slender palms and shrubs, was preserved, temporarily transplanted and then replanted to best suited positions within the gardens. By preserving the old pines and planting new ones, the garden was incorporated into the Čikat park-forest that surrounds it. The introduction of new species such as the Eucalyptus, Celtis and Schinus trees, which were brought into the old captain’s gardens of Lošinj by sailors from distant lands, created a luxurious garden and park ambience.

  • Investor

    Jadranka hoteli d.d.

  • Location

    Uvala Čikat, Mali Lošinj, otok Lošinj, Hrvatska

  • Project duration

    VII-VIII 2015.

  • Coverage

    3.000 m²

  • Info

    Landscape design and landscaping of the hotel and villa surroundings.

  • Web

    Boutique Hotel Alhambra i Villa Augusta

Some of the villas’ gardens are thematically arranged according to their purpose, so the Alhambra contains a representative palmetum, while Augusta’s garden offers the pleasure of an outdoor area, among fragrant perennials.

The unity of indoor and outdoor space is manifested in the atrium garden containing the Cycas palms which form a visual whole with the Alhambra lobby, allowing visitors to experience the garden even during the winter months.

The seaside of the garden is dominated by newly planted Phoenix palm trees, which accentuate the opulence of the restored edifice. The borders towards the forest are green and soft, and the view towards the sea is accentuated by the playful colour scheme of a row of oleanders.

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