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Bistro E&D

Through the use of moving water and still water, we have increased the dynamism of the space and pleasentness of the garden.

Bistro E&D

During the design and construction of the summer terrace of Bistro E&D in Pula, we achieved the uniqueness of the space by integrating various water structures. The space is defined by water surfaces, paths and terraces, skilfully combined with plant beds of attractive, mostly indigenous plants.

The gently sloping terrain, with water elements cascading down in a natural sequence, was the inspiration for the planting design. With their colours, shapes and scents characteristic of the local climate, the plants complemented the spaces which, although outdoors, provide the atmosphere of enclosures.

Without walls and roof, the terraces are visually separated by shrubs of lavender, rosemary, cotton-lavender… Calm surfaces of stone paths and wooden decks, which can be reached by crossing over stone and glass bridges, bring to life the constant changes of images in reflecting water surfaces.

  • Investor

    Bistro E&D

  • Location

    Pula, Croatia

  • Project duration

    I – V 2005.

  • Coverage

    400 m²

  • Info

    Landscape architecture project and construction.

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