Arena Grand Kažela Campsite - Dionaea

Arena Grand Kažela Campsite

In a campsite the size of 10 football fields, there are 10 km of new hedges and many more interesting things to see.

Arena Grand Kažela Kamp

Within the camp, 209 mobile homes were built, which needed to be improved by forming their own private gardens, as well as the hedges which belong both to the connecting street and to each garden individually. A total of ten kilometers of hedges were planted, creating an “identity” of each street by combining different types of plants.

In addition to the gardens of the mobile homes, the landscape for the new reception building was designed and implemented as an indication of the new camp, along with the landscape of two pool complexes. The first impression for the guests at the new reception area was built through the visual impression of a large concrete canopy under which lie two green islands with specimens of olive trees and a combination of perennials and decorative grasses, which follow the movements of the mistral wind. Sculptural lamps with ribbon-like threads spring from the bed of perennials and grasses and give the space an additional element of intrigue at night.

  • Investor

    Arena Hospitality Group d.d.

  • Location

    Medulin, Istra, Croatia

  • Project duration

    III –VII 2019.

  • Coverage

    65.000 m²

  • Info

    Landscape design and landscaping of the camp surroundings.

  • Web

    Arena Grand Kažela

Pool complexes (Activity and Relax) are designed according to their purpose. While one is full of children’s and catering facilities, the other is designed for rest and relaxation. The distribution of tall trees and smaller, shrubby trees around the pool preserves precious views of the sea.

Large strokes of lawns by the pools serve as a base for relaxation and entertainment for the guests, while long strokes of architectural plants in jardinieres leave a trace of grandeur.

Kažela Before/After

Kažela Before/After

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