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Reconstruction of Hotel Plitvice

Surrounded by dense forest, sinkholes and meadow grass, near the very entrance to the national park, the location of Hotel Plitvice in this unique landscape was a challenge in designing its environment.

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Večernji list on Dionaea Gardens and their project in Rwanda

Večernji list published the story of Dionaea Gardens on Women's Day 2020. Journalist Srđan Hebar was interested in many topics, most notably the recently completed One&Only resort project in Rwanda.

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Klub 7 feature on Dionaea Gardens

HRT lifestyle programme Klub 7 recorded a feature about Dionaea gardens. The TV crew was interested in landscape architecture and what challenges we face, as well as Dionaea garden projects in the country and abroad. Our landscape architect Nataša Tiška Vrsalović answered the questions of the presenter Lana Pavić.

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One&Only Gorilla’s Nest Project

We were hired by the investor ICD Dubai, one of the largest investment houses in the world, to create the One&Only Gorilla’s Nest Project. We went to Rwanda for a few days to study the native vegetation. During the landscape design process we had to pay special attention to which plants would be able to thrive there

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