Room walls cluttered with pictures has long been a thing of the past.

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Do you want to be ‘in’, keeping in stride with the latest interior design styles and ecological values, so why not hang a ‘living picture’ on your walls?
It refers to a vertical garden that covers the entire wall or it can be framed like art paintings, decorating your space with selected plants. We were among the first to get involved in this trend in terms of designing, buildings, installing and maintaining vertical gardens.
To keep your garden wall always green and luxuriant, plants that are compliant to climatic conditions in the space should be carefully selected and arranged, while adhering to a client’s aesthetical demands. Once a garden has been arranged onto a wall, there is no need to worry about watering. The installed irrigation system is completely autonomous and automated, and the entire structure is impermeable with no risk of wetting the wall.


The structure together with plants weighs about 50 kilograms per square meter, and the depth of the vertical garden, depending on the choice of plant species, varies from 15 to 50 centimetres.
A vertical garden visually enhances any interior, whether it is a reception, office, house or apartment, and enables full utilisation of horizontal surfaces. All wall garden structures, from an entire wall to the green walls of various sizes that we have built for our customers, have exceeded expectations and become favourite places – a real small oasis of greenery.

Dionaea vrtovi

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Dionaea vrtovi
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