The human need for nature, however it may seem alienated and forgotten, is today becoming increasingly evident.

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Indoor gardens, whether they are green parterre or walls, are today not only an office space theme, but instead are increasingly found in residential areas.
Finally, when we add up the time spent at work, in the office and at home, we arrive at the conclusion that the number and manner of hours spent in offices is often greater than that at home, meaning, we have two residences.
Guiding oneself always anew by the same principles of serenity, freshness and a pleasant environment in which we would only be too happy to stay, our projects are always tailored in our particular way to the user.
We believe that the level of expertise, which sometimes fine-tunes a user’s wish, in the end always leads to satisfaction on both sides. We as the designers and our customers. Designing public buildings and hotels, is the circle of our clients and even wider than can be perceived at the time of the design.


The transformation of space is today interdisciplinary, more than ever before. Light, water, sculptures are the elements we encounter in the design process, and perhaps mostly indoor gardens, as they are the oases where all our senses experience enjoyment, luring the observer to stop and breathe in some of the peace and relaxation, often something forgotten in environments that fail to inspire. Green oases within walls are actually that: an inspiration for relaxation… if only in a passing view…

Dionaea vrtovi

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